Enterprise data analytics for Energy & Resources

  • Management Dashboards
  • Data Ingestion & Enrichment
  • Knowledge Schema
  • Data Harmonization & Discovery


ICEBERG ingests data through live stream, user entry or various formats like excel, csv and pdf and generate insights for end users and management to make quick decisions.

Integrated Data Management

Data upload through daily progress reports, excel files, user inputs, database connection or APIs from ERP or SCADA systems.

Drill Down Dashboards

Comprehensive role driven dashboards at well, projects level with GIS integration, project tracking, audit trail and knowledge management.

Reports &

Provides Insights about critical delays and non-productive activities. Integrated reports at asset and project level.


Machine learning based propriety knowledge engine that will extract the terms and their relationship from the ingested files.

Improved Project Analytics. Reduced Risks. Better Outcomes

Improve data accessibility and availability.

ICEBERG has pre-built modules to instantly start ingesting data from existing assets or ongoing projects. It improves stakeholder’s engagement level through data driven collaboration. It improves management’s visibility across enterprise through contextualization of analytics.

ICEBERG. Designed for data driven outcomes.

Easily manage complex processes.

Get insights about time and cost over runs. Manage your assets and projects effectively with ICEBERG.

  • Anytime, anywhere
  • Secured access
  • Audit Trail Management

Maximize Value. Faster Results. Improved Performance.

Achieve more in a cost-effective manner.

ICEBERG enables Industry Professionals to collect, find, edit, manage, and transfer data quickly and easily, allowing them to provide the right information to the right people at the right time in support of their business processes.

Deployment Options

Multiple Subscription Options!
Select a Plan.

All our plans offer a robust analytics platform to manage your data across multiple domains.


  • Single Asset
  • Any 5 Modules
  • Dashboards
  • Alerts & Insights
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  • All in Basic Plan
  • All 10 modules
  • Dashboards
  • Alerts & Insights


  • Multiple Assets Management
  • All Modules
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Knowledge Extraction


Risk Intelligence

Our Risk Intelligence solution enables identification, assessment, and mitigation of enterprise risks across various business units through data analytics.

Risk Solution Features
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Taxonomy driven approach
  • Advance Visualizations
  • Data driven approach
  • COSO & ISO compliant

Prescriptive Analytics

Our prescriptive analytics solution integrates data from multiple sources like scanned or CSV documents, contextualizes it and performs queries for insights..

Analytics Solution Features
  • Data Ingestion
  • Knowledge Extraction
  • Data Harmonization
  • Data Discovery
  • Dashboard & Reports


Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation services focuses on setting up the right strategy, governance framework, digital enablement of assets and managing performance.

Digital Services Features
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Feasibility
  • Data Governance
  • Digital Enablement
  • Digital As a Service

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management services focuses on setting up the risk strategy, development of register, mitigation plans, and data driven monitoring.

ERM Services Features
  • Policy Formulation
  • Regulatory Compliances
  • Risk Register
  • Mitigation Plans
  • Risk Monitoring

Software Design & Development

Enterprise Development Services focuses on developing a custom application as per requirement using latest technologies and tools.

Software Development Features
  • Industry driven UI/UX designs
  • Latest Tech Stack
  • Experience Resources
  • Guaranteed Outcomes
  • Industry Expertise


Oil & Gas

Our Oil & Gas industry solutions improve asset performance, increase enterprise visibility, engage stakeholders, reduce risk, and deliver outcomes.

Oil & Gas Focus
  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream
  • City Gas Distribution
  • Oilfield Services

Engineering & Construction

Our solutions address sustainable construction, smart cities with new technologies to enable reduction in total life cycle costs of a project, as well as substantial improvements in completion time, quality, and safety.

Engineering & Construction Focus
  • Industrial Construction
  • Road Construction
  • Design Engineering
  • Safety Management

Healthcare & Pharma

Our Healthcare & Pharma solutions improve customer experience, information management, risk reduction, safety, and sustainability information management.

Healthcare & Pharma Focus
  • Generic Drugs
  • Health Insurance
  • Biologics
  • Consumer Healthcare
  • Hospitals

Mining & Metals

Our mining & metals solutions address digital transformation, fleet management, safety, sustainability, and data driven risk management.

Mining & Metals Focus
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Mining Engineering
  • Metals Processing
  • Mining Machinery

Power & Renewable

Our power sector solutions address asset performance improvement, digital twins, safety, sustainability, and data driven risk management.

Chemicals & Fertilizers Focus
  • Thermal Plants
  • Renewable
  • Hydropower
  • Power Transmission
  • Power Distribution

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