Outcomes through power of Data Analytics, Cloud & IOT

We are IED.

We are an emerging software as a service solutions provider for solving complex challenges. We deliver sustainable digital outcomes to improve productivity and profitability for all stakeholders.

Data Analytics

Our analytics solutions enable decision-makers to derive insights from the data. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our solutions extract knowledge through contextualization of data to improve operational efficiency and to reduce risk. Our cost-effective and comprehensive Business Intelligence services help you make more insightful business decisions and take right actions.


Our secure cloud solutions provide significant benefits in terms of Cost, Speed, Scale, Performance, Reliability and Productivity. Deploy GPU compute easily for your data processing and visualization needs using AI, machine learning and deep learning. Transform your data and digital objectives with the power of our cloud. Build innovative new products at a lower cost using the power of cloud.

Internet of Things

Our IOT solutions help you improve the uptime of your industrial assets through a combination of edge computing RTUs and wireless sensors. It also enables the innovation of business models for tracking asset performance across the asset lifecycle leading to safer field operations. It is the quickest and simplest way to reduce operational cost and increase operational agility, resilience, and sustainability.

Our SaaS Products

We drive outcomes through digital solutions to help you with sustainability goals. We help improve productivity and profitability.

Faster Results. Better Outcomes. Improved Performance.

Simplify complex business processes

Unlock creative and cost-effective approaches to workflows by rapidly training pre-built AI models or create and deploy innovative ML solutions into operations. SaaS applications to empower you to be creative and realize your objectives.

Sustainable Digital Transformation

Enable collaboration across enterprise

Our SaaS solutions help you take a quantum leap with your digital transformation in following ways:

  • Quickly design, build, and deploy
  • Generate critical insights
  • Deliver better outcomes


Sustainable Digital Transformation

Accelerate your journey towards NetZero with the power of digital SaaS solutions


Our SaaS solutions provide you a competitive edge in multiple industries.

We provide a collaborative development ecosystem that enables you to innovate and transform.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

With the emergence of environmental concerns, the oil and gas industry is turning to digital to deliver more energy options, reduce cost and provide higher customer satisfaction. Unlock new business value and transform operations.

Power & Renewables

Power & Renewables

Power & Renewable industry is adopting new business models, moving to a new energy mix and shifting to smart grids, distributed generation and other digital technologies. Transforming to renewable brings both risk and opportunities.

Mining & Metals

Mining & Metals

Mining & Metals is taking a new path, where safety and sustainability are driving the transformation by connecting, people, equipment, data and insights. The coming years will be critical as it responds to stakeholder demands to integrate ESG.

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